We are pleased offer three options for cyclists wanting to improve their performance.

Andrew Patterson has put together a great training programme for recreational cyclists that is specifically designed for this event.   here

Patterson Training is a Sport Science Support consultancy based in New Plymouth, New Zealand specialising in endurance cycling, triathlon, running, Health and exercise. Andrew Patterson has been cycle racing at all levels and through many disciplines since 1985 and has been providing scientific support and coaching for athletes for 13 years, he has a Bsc (hons) in sport, exercise and coaching science, is a British cycling club coach and has a diploma in sports massage therapy, he has also taught Olympic gold medal winning cyclists to coach as a coach tutor and assessor at British Cycling. 

At Patterson Training we provide performance testing, coaching, training and exercise prescription along with sport massage therapy and sport nutrition. We aim to provide a high standard of scientific support and coaching to all levels of ability at an affordable price, delivered by qualified and accredited coaches and physiologists. We pride ourselves on our constant communication between athlete and coach whilst taking a holistic approach to the coaching process covering the technical, tactical, physiological and psychological aspects of the sport in a complete, structured, continually assessed and individualised package.

Visit us at

We are delighted to have past  peoples champion and ex professional cyclist Gordon McCauley available to help cyclists preparing for our event. Gordon now runs a successful coaching business based in Auckland and would be delighted to pass on the wealth of knowledge he has accumulated to help you  prepare to be in your best possible shape for your next  big cycle event.

 Why Should You Choose GMC? At GMC Coaching we believe in offering more than just written programs, we like to go a little further.  Coaches need to be racers themselves to fully understand the needs of their athletes. We race and compete whenever possible, besides racing is the fun part of any riders training. Before any training workout is given to a GMC rider, each workout has been personally tested to check out the effectiveness of it in our own training.

 For us, cycling is our number one passion! Not just a way to make easy money so we can ride too. We get as much pride and satisfaction out of my clients achieving their goals as they do themselves. So Contact the team at GMC Coaching and lets get you on track for your 1st (or next) big win. GMC Website

Maggie Radich offers great nutrional advice for your leadup to the event.
Maggie Radich is a Registered Dietician and a Taranaki local that has started up her own Private Practice  - New Plymouth Nutrition - after working at Base Hospital and in the UK. She has completed extra training on top of a Masters degree to be a Sports Dietician. Download Nutritional strategies to cycle Mt. Taranaki by Maggie Radich here.

Training Programme

The Taranaki Cycle Challenge in Taranaki is looming, 150km of moderately hilly terrain. But with over 1800 competitors expected there'll be plenty of shelter. You can do it solo, or for the novice rider, there is the team relay option, with two to six person teams to cover the 150km.

Download John Deans' 11 week training schedule here.

Are you prepared for the big event? It's time to get that bike out, dust off the cobwebs and get into some earnest training in prepartion for the Taranaki Cycle Challenge.

Bunch Riding

Riding in a bunch can be the most enjoyable experience if done in the right way. However, bunch riding can also be a huge pain if people in the group don't understand the rules. Everyone needs to know these rules for everyone's safety. Click here for more

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